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Social Work Beginnings Podcast – Episode 3

Social Work Beginnings

With a new cohort of students being accepted into the Social Work Program and to mark Social Work Week, President Keshen sat down with us to welcome new students to the program. During this conversation we learn about President Keshen’s own family’s experience collaborating with the support of a Social Worker, his love for Veteran’s History and how that lead to his editing books on Social Welfare Policy, as well as what continues to give him hope.


About the Social Work Beginnings Podcast

Social Work Beginnings is a student hosted podcast engaging with instructors, agencies and members of the social work community in Canada. As we strive to learn to become effective social workers at the beginning of our careers, we seek to amplify the on-going work to advance social justice in Canada within social work. This podcast was born out of a desire to equitably increase the accessibility of opportunity to learn outside the classroom about our diverse field.

To get involved with the podcast, please email us [email protected].

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